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We’re just a bunch of folks with a passion for cars and trucks – new, old, and in-between.

Meet the Team

There are many people involved in DREAMDRIVE, unfortunately too many to all be listed here. Here are the key “drivers” of the DREAMDRIVE team.
Al Billyard – DREAMDRIVE Home Office

1977-1989 Organized yearly 5-8 day Canoe Trips in Algonquin Park for 4-10 guys
1981-1985 Assemble and oversee Performance Ford Club of Canada 1981-1985
1987-1989 Assemble and oversee Associated Ford Owners 1986-1989
1991-2005 Organized Bicycle Rides – Fort Erie to Niagara on the Lake; Cambridge to Brantford to Hamilton, etc.
1996-2011 Organized and processed the Great Canadian Poorman’s (Nascar) Tour. A pool with over $15,000. in prize money!

Randy Goudeseune – West Sector Manager (St. Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg, Courtland, Delhi, Simcoe)

Born on a tobacco farm between Langton and Norwich, Randy now lives in Delhi.  He started driving at the age of ten on the farm, with a “three on the tree”, six cylinder, 1957 Chevy PU.  He did his first burnout with that same Chevy PU – much to his father’s surprise.  Randy learned about cars, power-shifting muscle cars, and girls in high school thru the golden years of 1967 thru 1972. He started a career in general insurance in 1973.  He’s been in and out of it, and back in it, for ALL those years since. Randy is a Hagerty Classic Car Ins. broker with VanMaele Lietch-Gair Insurance in Delhi.  He is also a freelance auto photographer and writer for Old Autos, and Canadian Hot Rods on a regular basis for the last 6 plus years.  He has hosted many Mustang car shows, Cars & Coffee car shows in his area,  and several car cruises with friends. Randy is married to a LOVELY lady, Diane Goudeseune, for seven great years, and has two fabulous sons from previous marriages.  He owns and drives a 2007 Mustang convertible, loves every mile he and his family are in it.  Randy says he’s happy to help out the SouthCoast DreamDrive with Al Billyard and the rest of the “Wing Nuts”.

Carolyn Chymko – Central Sector Manager (Townsend, Jarvis, Cayuga, Canfield, Dunnville, Winger)

Carolyn is a life-long resident of Dunnville. Married to Gord for 43 years, Mom to Casey and Kyley. And “Nandy” to 5 beautiful granddaughters. She is a co-owner and stylist – for 35 years – of Good Looks Hair Design & Spa. She’s been involved in coaching and playing baseball, and belonged to several different community service clubs.  Currently she is involved with the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 142. Carolyn was a member of the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce for 18 years, 7 years as president. Through the COC, she started and ran the night-time “Santa Claus Parade & Festival of Lights” for 17 years. She very successfully ran the Dunnville Mudcat Festival for 14 years.  Several of those Mudcat Festival years were named as one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario by Ontario Festival & Events . Her favourite past time is to go cruising in her brother’s ’59 Corvette.

Scott Wraight – East Sector Manager (Wainfleet, Port Colborne, Ridgeway-Crystal Beach, Fort Erie)

Scott has been involved and a round drag racing since 1980.   He ran the Bridgeburg Firefighters car show for 8 years in Fort Erie.  He was a firefighter in Fort Erie for more than 10 years, and is a life member of the Central Firefighters Association.   Scott has done may restorations over the years, and had the pleasure of meeting great people while working on cars, attending car show and cruz nights.  He and his family look forward to seeing all the great rides on the DREAMDRIVE.

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